System Requirement Before Installing OS

Installing windows operating system is very simple task if you have a basic understanding of computer and its uses.To install a fresh copy of windows there are some specific system requirement which i am going to mention below.

Before going further you have to decide which operating system you are going to install in computer hard disk drive .There are many operating system with numerous OS version available in the market you have to choose one of them let sya you are a student and you want to work only on programming languages like c c++ etc you dont have to buy a superior computer for sake of buying.

choose your budget and buy accordingly.

Before buying a computer.

look for some computer peripherals and devices which matches to your need .

  • computer motherboard
  • computer hard disk drive
  • Processor
  • cabinet
  • monitor
  • RAM

Now just look at the some common features in above listed computer devices.

What is a Motherboard?

Computer motherboard is nothing but piece of PCB [printed circuit board] where all the connection are made like hard disk is connected power supply,processor is installed ram is installed so it is a mother of computer as each and every other devices are connected inside it or through it.

Before buying a new motherboard check for its compatibility  with other devices let’s say you need to check the compatibility with processor and ram otherwise it would be difficult for you to install high capacity of ram and processor.

Check for expansion slots available on motherboard with ram slots and processor socket and universal serial bus connector commonly know as USB.

computer hard disk drive

Computer hard disk is used for storing data almost permanently it comes in capacity like 80 gb , 250 gb till 2tb .

It is one of the essential part of computer system as used for installation of operating system.

computer Processor

It is called as microprocessor which is called as heart of computer.


Computer cabinet or chassis is used to connect all the computer peripherals and devices altogether.


It is used to display .


Random Access Memory which is used for data storing temporarily and is primarily used to increase computer speed.

How to Install operating system on computer?

to install operating system you must have a bootable cd or bootable pen drive with the help of any of these you can easily install windows operating system to computer.

How to create a bootable usb pendrive?

To create a bootable usb pen drive you can use any free software like rufus or win to flash software.


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